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Making 3D Worlds in HTML


Hey there 👋

If you've ever wanted to make your own immersive and expansive 3D worlds, you've come to the right spot. Imagine big forests, huge deserts, all the things in your imagination coming to life.


  1. Setting up Replit
  2. What's A-Frame?
  3. Adding A-Frame
  4. Creating a scene
  5. Adding elements
  6. Attributes
  7. Customization
  8. Deploying your site
  9. Getting a free Frappuccino
  10. Wrapping up

Setting up Replit

Go to and create/log into an account: Replit authentication page

Then, go ahead and create a project by going to "Create Repl" on the sidebar > selecting HTML, CSS, JS > giving it a title > hitting "Create Repl"

Creating HTML CSS JS Repl

What's A-Frame?

aframe logo

Building 3D worlds used to be pretty hard to approach due to its high learning curve. A-Frame is a library to help make this stuff MUCH easier. Instead of getting lost in the weeds, it provides a simple interface for you to create 3D websites.

Here are some of the amazing things people have made with A-Frame:

  1. A-Blast a-blast ui
  2. Access Mars access mars preview
  3. Moonrider moonrider ui

Adding A-Frame

Hey, do you notice the <head> tag in our HTML? Yeah, we can add a script via the <script> tag to give our website A-Frame's superpowers! Put this within the <head>

<script src=""></script>

instructions of putting script within head tag

Creating a scene

To actually use A-Frame, we need to create a scene to add elements. We can do so with the <a-scene> tag

Remove the "Hello world" text within the <body> tags and add:


All of our elements will go here. What are these elements you might ask?

Adding elements

A-Frame has different tags for different 3D elements. For example, you can use <a-box> to create a cube, and <a-sphere> to create a ball.

Here are all the different kinds of elements (use <a-[ELEMENT-NAME]> to use these): showcase of all a-frame tags

visual map of entities in a scene

Within your <a-scene>, add a box:


Click on the panel on the right and use your WASD keys + mouse to move around. You should see a box after you move around (click the run button at the top of the page if nothing shows up): demo of white box

Hmm, we should probably have some color. After all, things are much better with colors!

To do this you can add the color attribute to <a-box>! For example, you can do <a-box color="blue"></a-box> to get a blue cube.

Choose any color you want, you can put a CSS color keyword or a hex code (like #000) as a color.


There are lots of attributes (A-Frame calls them components) that you can add to your objects. For example, there is the position attribute that allows you to put your object in a certain position in space (e.g. position="1 0 3" correlates to the x, y, and z positions respectively).

Experiment with these attributes (Google for more!) and build something amazing.

Some example props you can play around with are:

  1. animation: animates the objects (you can use these to move your object)
  2. rotation: rotate your object, allows for fun designs


While you probably just have a cube right now, you can add so much more!

Want to add physics? There's a library for that. Want to create a cool environment? Check out this environment component!

The possibilities are truly endless with A-Frame, and it's super easy to share your site as well!

Deploying your site

It's really simple to deploy your site. Go to and create an account.

After doing so, go to Replit and download your files as a .zip file. You can do this by clicking the three dots above all your files and clicking "Download as ZIP":

image of ui to download as zip

After this, go to and drag and drop your .zip file there.

After it uploads, click "Open production deploy" to see your live site!

image of opening deploy

Getting a free frappuccino

You've put in all this effort into getting your site up and running—we think you should get a little treat after all that. Head over to and submit your Replit link and your live site's link to get a free frappuccino!

frap spinning gif

Wrapping up

Awesome work on this site! To wrap up, we suggest sharing your site in our Slack, it's where a bunch of cool teen coders are shipping projects daily and having fun with projects like these! Head over to the #ship channel and post about your project!

Here's some cool stuff that Hack Clubbers have made:

  1. Adrian De Gendt made an amazing solar system model solar system example from adrian de gendt

  2. Aayan Rahman made Bloxy, a block-game demo inspired by Minecraft bloxy demo

  3. Dieter Schoening made Aurality, a webapp that displays your Spotify top songs in 3D! aurality demo

So there you have it, go out and create great things with the tools and skills you have.

— Shubham Patil

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